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The library of Bangladesh National Museum is a learning space that provides knowledge and offers information through its collections of books, journals, periodicals, maps, manuscripts, and clippings from newspapers to its users: scholars, researchers, students, and others interested in the history, culture and heritage of Bangladesh. The library contains books and journals mainly on prehistory, history, natural history, art, archaeology, anthropology, epigraphy, numismatics, iconography, museology, conservation, architecture, sculpture, pottery, woodwork, metalwork, painting, calligraphy, furniture, textiles, costume, folklore, folk art, festivals, and such other subjects of cultural significance. The main purpose of the library is to enrich and strengthen the Museum’s activities on studies of its collections so that research constitutes an integral part of its life, whether it is undertaken by the Museum’s own professional staff or by outside scholars and researchers making use of the Museum’s resources.

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